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Las Olas, the Past and the Present

Constructed in 1917, Las Olas in its early days was simply a dirt road that intersected the swampy wetlands to the barrier island at Fort Lauderdale Beach. To create land for the city’s beautiful waterfront residential communities. Post World War ll, the novel and modern commercial sector of Las Olas Boulevard was constructed.


To enhance property values in the early 1908s, Las Olas renovated a large majority of its properties. Since the land was valued more than the residential homes, they required future property purchasers to remove the existing home and build a new one of equal or greater value than the land it was placed on. It is now abundant with beautifully built homes and businesses. Today, running from Andrews Avenue in the Central Business District, A1A to Fort Lauderdale Beach, Las Olas Boulevard is extremely popular. About one mile in length, there are numerous trendy and prominent nightclubs, bars, boutiques, shops, bridal stores, restaurants and the Riverside Hotel. A tourist destination and a local favorite, Las Olas has a plethora of activities to engage in and is always a great time.


At South Florida’s most architecturally authentic, unique, and diverse dining and shopping district, twinkling lights, live music and much more sets the mood each night at Las Olas. Whether you’re returning from the beach and want to have a look around, or are choosing Las Olas for a night out, you will not be disappointed. With over 30 al fresco dining options, 10 major international art galleries, 2 world class museums, 65 unique shops filled with fashion, accessories, gifts, and more, you will never be bored. Amongst these is Argentino, where we serve the most authentic and delicious Argentinian food in the area. From our variety of home-made empanadas, pizzas and sandwiches, to our extensive drink menu with authentic Argentinian choices as well as a happy hour, Argentino Las Olas is the prime location in the area to visit for extravagant Argentinian-styled food and drinks in the Fort Lauderdale area.